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How do I measure my shirt?
Just click on each of the measurements to be taken, on the page create in the section “create your cut”, we explain how to take and adjust each measurement. First of all, choose your starting cut using the size chart .

I don’t have a measuring meter
If you don’t have a sewing meter, a DIY meter also works great.

I’m not sure about my measurements
1. You can contact our customer service . One of our stylists will check your measurements and with information such as your weight, height and age, she can guide you in your adjustments.

2. If you live in the Paris region, you can make an appointment with one of our stylists who will receive you in our Paris showroom . She will have you try one of our template shirts and advise you on your adjustments.

What if my haircut is wrong?
Because your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns, the cut of your first shirt is guaranteed for 100 days .

How to decide between two measurements at +/- 1cm?
At SHIRTSTAG we do not practice half centimeters. Cotton and linen are flexible natural materials that always vary by a few centimeters … and so are your measurements! If in doubt, we always recommend that you round up to the next centimeter.

How can I change my Cutting key?
You may need to change your Cutting Key for several reasons: your measurements have changed or you want to opt for a shirt with a different cut (casual or formal). To do this, go to the create page and in step 3 “Create your shirt cut”, enter your current cut key then on the “Adjustments” interface, indicate the desired adjustments. Your new Key will then be automatically generated and entered in the collar of your next shirt. You can also contact us if you want help with your adjustments.

For a special request, what should I do?
If you want to change the color of your initials, the throat of your shirt, the type of collar, etc. contact us . & Nbsp ; We will try to best respond to your request.

Can I touch the tissue?
If you live in the Paris region, you can make an appointment with one of our stylists who will receive you in our showroom located in Paris in the high marsh. She will help you in the creation of your shirt and will show you our range of fabrics.

What if I don’t have a reference shirt?
1. You have at least one shirt at home but it doesn’t suit you? It’s our concept of adjusting it! Follow our advice to adjust each of the 6 requested measurements, on the page create in step 3.

2. Don’t have a shirt at home? Order a template shirt pre-measured accompanied by an adjustment manual and a meter. This will allow you to determine your adjustments with precision to create your custom shirt.

3. Are you really too far from a standard size? Make an appointment with one of our stylists who will receive you in our Paris showroom. She will have you try one of our template shirts and help you with your adjustments.


What are the price ranges?
There are three price ranges: € 79 for pre-orders (from February 2020), € 99 for shirts in the Essentiel range (high-end European fabrics) and € 120 for those in the Premium range (fabrics from large houses)

This is my first order and I have ordered several shirts
We send you a single shirt first so that you can try it on and validate the cut. If this does not suit you, you benefit from a guarantee valid for 100 days on the cut of your first shirt. Once the cut validated, we send all the other shirts ordered at the same time to production.

If the cut of my first shirt suits me, how can I validate the cut of the following shirts?
If the first shirt you received suits you, just call us on 01 84 17 30 35 or write to us at to ask us to start production of the following ordered shirts and confirm your name and first name.

Can I move to the showroom?
One of our stylists can receive you in our Paris showroom to help you in the creation of your shirt. To do this, simply make an appointment via our interface. There is no additional cost and it takes about 30 minutes.

Is online payment secure?
Your bank information is never in our possession. Transactions are fully processed by the secure payment module of our partner PAYPLUG.

Can I pay by bank transfer?
Card payments are fully secured by the Payplug system, but if you prefer to pay by transfer, add your order to the basket, proceed to transfer to
THE SHIRT – IBAN: FR54 3000 2004 6600 0044 5991 V79, BIC: CRLYFRPP
by indicating your name in the reason. Then contact us so that we can make the link and validate your order.

What do you do with my data?
We undertake to collect only data related to the creation of your shirts: your activity on the site, your order history and the information that you indicate on the My Account page. These data will not be sold to third parties. By creating your account with us, you agree to be subscribed to our newsletter, but you can unsubscribe with a click at the bottom of each newsletter. You can at any time contact us to ask us to access and / or delete your personal data.


Why pre-order?
The principle of pre-order lies in the fact of selling the shirts, before buying the exact quantities of fabrics. This system is part of our environmental approach zero stock, zero waste. The savings thanks to precise stocks allow you to order custom shirts in pre-order at the exceptional price of 79 €.

What are the delivery times for a pre-order shirt?
You will receive your shirt within 6 to 8 weeks after the close of the pre-order.

What happens if I use my Voucher or Gift Box for a pre-order at 79 €?
The rest of the amount of your Gift Voucher or Gift Box will be automatically credited to your customer account and will be valid for a period of 6 months throughout the site.

Gift Voucher and Gift Box

What is the Gift Voucher?
The Gift Voucher is a PDF document to print directly at your home. It contains your personalized message and the code allowing the recipient to create his custom shirt.

What does the Gift Box contain?
The Gift Box contains everything you need to create a custom shirt online: customizable coupon, fabric guide, manual and measuring meter.

Validity of the Gift Voucher / Gift Box
They are valid for 15 months from the date of creation.

What is the right of the recipient of the Gift Voucher / Gift Box?
The Gift Voucher and the Gift Box at 99 € give access to the Essential range (high-end fabrics). The Gift Voucher and the 120 € Gift Box give access to the Premium range in addition (technical fabrics and double twists of large houses). All finishes, custom fit, free shirt delivery and 100-day satisfaction guarantee on the cut of the first shirt are also included.

How to use your Gift Voucher / Gift Box?
Just go to the create page and customize your shirt as you wish. It is at the basket stage in the “Gift Code” box that you enter the code found on the back of the personalized voucher you have received.

Can the recipient make an appointment at the showroom?
The recipient of the Gift Voucher or Gift Box can create his shirt directly at home. If he wishes to be helped in the creation of his shirt, he can make an appointment with one of our stylists, who will receive it in our Paris showroom, at no additional cost.

Template shirt

What will you receive?
You will receive for free everything you need to create your first custom shirt, namely: a pre-measured template shirt, a manual and a meter to help you with your adjustments.

How to order my custom shirt?
When you order a template shirt, we credit your customer account with € 99, the equivalent of a custom shirt from the Essential range. To create your custom shirt, simply log in and the amount will be deducted automatically. Then return the template shirt within 2 weeks so that we can tailor your shirt.

How to return the template shirt?
You have 2 weeks to return the template shirt to us free of charge thanks to the good return delivered with the package. The good return is only valid in mainland France.

Delivery | Returns

What are the delivery costs?
The delivery is € 8.60 in Colissimo and € 6.90 in Relais Colis for the shirts as for the Gift Boxes and the template shirt. For other countries see our price list .

What are the delivery times?
The Gift Boxes and the template shirt (subject to available stock) are delivered within 3 working days and the shirts within 3 weeks. Learn more

When and how to return?
You can make a return within 100 days in case the cut of your first shirt does not suit you. Learn more

What do we do with shirts returned as part of the satisfaction guarantee?
In line with our responsible approach, we have implemented an upcycling project for returned shirts by offering them to a designer.


How do I wash / iron my shirt?
See all our advice on the pages shirt maintenance: how to maintain your shirt? and how to iron your shirt properly .

Do you take into account the shrinkage due to washing?
Good question ! Even a high-end fabric shrinks by about 2% after a few washes. But don’t worry, our algorithm takes it into account. The shirt you will receive (before washing) will be slightly too wide at first, then perfect after a few washes.


Do you make women’s shirts?
We are doing the first tests. Subscribe to the Women’s Shirt Project Newsletter to be kept informed and contact us if you have ideas (or encouragement!) to send us: -)

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